Fashion Spies

At fashion weeks across the globe, expensive must-have items have been stolen and the top secret agents who have gone to investigate have been kidnapped. With the infamous annual Burnwell upon Twynee fashion week around the corner the secret agency service has no other option but to send in the entire undergraduate class of the spy academy (the audience) to solve the case.

Fashion Spies is Quick Duck's latest interactive performance project. Having done two showings, at China Plate's First Bites and Pilot Nights, Fashion Spies will be going to the 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a run at Assembly Venues.

Production Photographs

Arnim Freiss (China Plate), Graeme Braidwood (Pilot Nights)


Production Team

Director/Writer - Will Jackson         Stage Manager - Chaz Webb




Emily/Agent Thunderbolt

Elle Rattenbury



Abbi Greenwood


Captain Blackwell/Gadgeeta


Lucy Appleton



Abbie Cooper



Captain Blackwell

Lucy Bird