Magic Hour

The Interactive Murder Mystery Disco

There’s a murder on the dance floor and we need you to solve it. Magic Hour is an interactive, farcical, queer thriller. Come and infiltrate the nightclub, grill its staff and clientele and see if you have what it takes to find out who’s behind the crime. With ghosts, time-machines and a killer on the loose there's no time to lose... Your Disco Needs You!

First performed in May 2018 at the Night Owl, Birmingham, Magic Hour is Quick Duck's first production. Created in response to the closures of night clubs in Digbeth, Magic Hour offers an exciting night out in a club with no pressure to drink. Since its first run Magic Hour has done two revivals, one in February 2019 and one at the National Student Drama Festival 2019 where it recieved three awards.

NSDF '19

Judges Award for

Singularity of Vision

Will Jackson

NSDF '19

Judges Award for

Best Ensemble

NSDF '19

Clive Wolfe Bursary

Carly McIntosh

Production Photographs

Lane and Grey (May 18), Beatrice Debney (NSDF)



Grace Patrick, Noises Off Magazine, NSDF 2019

"Quick Duck Theatre aren’t just telling a story, they’re constructing an entire world and inviting us to take a step into it. It’s an enormous undertaking, but I can hardly see how it could be done better."

Alicja Baranowska, Noises Off Magazine, NSDF 2019

"They improvised. They adapted. They made the audience feel involved and continued the show despite unexpected and somewhat tricky circumstances. And they did it well."

Marina Johnson, Noises Off Magazine, NSDF 2019

"It turns out a power cut can't stop Quick Duck Theatre from putting on an electric show. The energy of the performers was infectious enough to carry us all though; the denouement more of a rock concert, than a fabulously technicolour drag night. But it was no less spectacular for it."

Lucy Thompson, Noises Off Magazine, NSDF 2019

"How did I get here? The story is immediately so engrossing that you go along without a second thought, following the investigators through madcap interviews and clue-hunting. Then you take a step back and realise everyone is wearing glittery black veils and, cult-like, chanting prayers in memory of a fictional character."

Emma Rogerson, Noises Off Magazine, NSDF 2019

"With a gigantic cast spreading a ton of fun, gender-bended caricatures that interacted with the audience before the show started and an engaging story told through an intricate set, the show wasn’t only a masterclass in improv, but also a clearly well thought out performance."


Production Team

Director - Will Jackson                         Producer - Lucy Bird                         Stage Manager - Chaz Webb

Associate Producer - Carly Macintosh                         Assistant Producer - Emily Horn

Lighting Design - Marcus Paragpuri (May 2018) / Kirsty Bennett (Feb 2019/NSDF)





Sarah Allwright

DI Runcorn

Rachel Baker

Betsy Conybear

Jack Beresford

DI Wicks

Abbie Cooper

Chief Inspector Gurnings

Kat Forbes

Colin Bradford

Meabh Quinn